Shop Stool Build Off

This Saturday I’m attempting to build a shop stool for the shop stool build off from flair woodworks . Busy week at work and a little sick, so I didn’t have much time to prepare.

My tentive plans. I’ve been working with 1/2 baltic birch plywood for another upcoming project. I plan to use my [...]

Happy Fourth!

I was happy to see a lot of people at the recent craft fairs.

If there is a lake map your interested in, shoot me a email at or give me a call at 218-963-5049.

I got more pictures coming of some of the lakes I have done. For now here is a picture [...]

New Paddle

New paddle made out of salvaged redwood decking. Complete with a fractal tree!

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New Stuff

Watch out this weekend. I’m going to add some more pictures.


Paddle Buildling

New server

I upgraded out of my garage and to a dedicated server. This will be better for the times when I get a power outage and I’m not there to restart the computer.