Spectrum Analyzer

I just did my first public release of my Android app: Spectrum Analyzer. It analyzes mic audio data and does a FFT on it to get the frequencies. Hope you like it! Give me feedback. I’ll send the full version to people who can give me good feedback.


Features in Free Version
* No Ads
* 44100 Hz sampling rate
* 8192 samples per spectrum
* ~5.4 Hz Resolution per point
* Peak Detect of whole spectrum and your local window
* Pinch to Zoom
* Tap to Pause
* Max Hold
* Take Screenshot
* Share on Facebook, Gmail and many more

Features in Premium Version
* Limited time 99 cent app! Will increase price as more features are added.
* Help out the developer to keep adding more features!
* Adjustable sample rate from 8000 Hz to 48000 Hz
* Adjustable Size of FFT up to 100000 samples
* Not limited on Power of 2 sized FFTs (Must be even though)
* Autoscale
* Adjustable Manual Scale