Some new Lake Maps

West Fox/East Fox in Aspen

Whitefish chain in maple

North Long Lake in Aspen

2 comments to Some new Lake Maps

  • Darla Barrett

    Hi Bryce,

    Got your postcard. Interested in how much for the Cross Lake sign and how big is it? Also the Whitefish Chain sign. Thanks!

  • bryce

    Hi Darla,
    I can do many different sizes. The Cross Lake sign shown in the postcard is 13×20 inches. A custom sign to those dimensions would be $225 after the postcard discount. A custom sign would include marking your house, cabin or other locations and picking a different wood like Maple or Oak. If you wanted to buy the sign as shown it is $195 after the discount (The wood is hackberry). If you wanted a larger sign let me know I can quote you a price.

    The Whitefish Chain map shown is 16×24 inches. In maple or oak would be $275 with the $25 off. As an example, I could do a larger one that is 18×27 for an additional $50.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Bryce Johnson

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